Our Offering

Roadmapping & Auditing

Every transformation story is unique. We map our clients’ path by analyzing the changing landscape in their specific industry and identifying opportunities for new ideas, products, collaborators, and businesses.


Problems need solutions. And solutions only come by working on them. That’s why we believe in working out concrete ideas that demonstrate change and embody new ways of thinking about old problems, as well as finding new ones to solve.

Strategy Insights

Strategy is only as good as the assumptions that underly them. We combine analytical rigor with the entrepreneurial spirit of investigative journalism. We access a wide variety of sources, from media and industry analysis to our own contacts inside organizations to provide the best information and analysis on our subject matter.


We want to facilitate change in organizations, bringing together our own expertise and a range of outside collaborators, from software developers and technologists to designers and creators.

Trainings & Workshops

Together with partners we provide insight trainings and workshops, where we share our general experiences and try to establish an outside perspective on us, our potential and abilities.